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Great collaborations

Following the collaboration with the art craftsmen Véronique de Soultrait and Steaven Richard, as well as with the Potente Masini studio on the occasion of a new Concept Voyage project, DECOTEC Studio combines its know-how with the Cosentino brand, known for its ultra-compact technical stones

Bold and clever, this elegant collaboration presents exclusive French-made models, available to order.

Long live collective emulation, complementary talents and shared values.

We look forward to welcoming and developing your projects!

Consentino pour Decotec Studio


A new collaboration between Decotec studio and Cosentino, a brand renowned for its ultra-compact technical stones.

The Karma collection is dressed in Dekton® Somnia or Dekton® Natural, in full or mix-materials Dekton® and lacquer, in integrated or countertop basin, from L100 to L200.

Come and discover the new line at the Cosentino showroom during Paris Design Week in September.

studio potente

concept voyage

Design an autonomous place, dedicated to the world of well-being and self-care and create a continuity of space and uses…

Dedicated to the world of well-being and self-care in a continuity of space and uses, Concept Voyage combines an island, shower, sink, mirror, dressing table, lights, accessories in a reinvented organization, in multiple combinations of two places of life.

Live your bathroom differently

Concept Voyage de Masini & Potente pour DECOTEC Studio
Meuble salle de bain Véronique de Soultrait, corde

Véronique de Soultrait

rope in passion

Passionate about braiding techniques and working with threads and ropes, the designer imagines in her workshop custom-made creations for high decoration.

With her remarkable know-how, Véronique de Soultrait creates unique textile pieces that are elegant and refined, filled with poetry.

Her first collaboration with DECOTEC STUDIO is extraordinary.

Steaven Richard

Specialised in artistic metalwork, particularly for interior decoration, Steaven Richard combines traditional know-how with technological innovations.Always in search of new aesthetic fields, metal is transformed, textured, patinated, laminated, in his workshop, in order to create decorations and design objects in steel, bronze and brass.
His first collaboration with DECOTEC STUDIO is exceptional.
Meuble salle de bain Steven Richard, travertin métal


Installed in Tuffé in the Sarthe, 5 workshops bring together all the stages of manufacture, carpentry, painting, basins & mirrors, welding, assembly and packaging; which makes it possible to control the quality chain.

DECOTEC produces furniture of excellence to order.

This short circuit allows us to reduce the carbon footprint of our production, especially as the raw materials are of European origin and the wood used in our furniture is PEFC certified.